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 Welcome to the Black List Tactical Headquarters. We are a relatively new clan, with old roots. Founded  on January 1st, 2014, two clans merged to create a new force and gaming community with the sole purpose of providing an environment for mature gamers to kick back, raise hell and enjoy the company of brothers in arms. This clan is member owned and member ruled, no one voice rules this clan. Decisions and direction are made collectively by membership. 
 We are a group of mature hardcore gamers founded with basic principles of good friends, good times and fair play. This clan does not cheat. We execute game play with tactics, teamwork and discipline to achieve a common goal...winning. No drama, no loose cannons, just a bunch of hard charging winner take all competitors trying inflict maximum damage to our opponents.  Winning isn't everything though, we do offer a "good game" with class, in defeat. 

 We are PC oriented and support a wide range of gaming experiences. We use Teamspeak 3 for in game communication. Friend a couple of members to acquire the info. You must be 18 yrs or older to submit recruitment papers. No drama or confrontations will be tolerated, ragers and whiners need not apply. 

 The Black List Team is just not all about business, only during tournaments. We have a bunch maniacs, comedians and mental defects that keep games entertaining and down right outrageous. We have high tech members too, knowledgeable in software, apps and tweaks for gaming and general purposes. Our motto is "Shoot first, ask no questions."

 We are still tweaking our site, so bare with us. Perfection is our goal. All guest are welcome and encouraged to register and even apply. If you can run with us, we will change your game.     

Remember: If you're not on the "List", you're just another target. 

Yes, we have sandwiches!

All video content from Youtube links are for the sole purpose of fan appreciation and educational tastes. Black List Tactical neither owns or profits from their use. Links from Youtube sites are from their public domain and subject to their rules and regulations.

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26th Oct 2018 [BLT]BattleAxeMax created a new topic Hey Joe
Eye and ear candy........................don't wet your pants.JNRnnjHyxaU
24th Sep 2018 [BLT]BattleAxeMax with Sal
Hey Sal, welcome back. Good to hear from ya. Getting ready for Battlefield V, no pressure. I did get to alpha and beta test the game, what a change. Let one of us know when you're ready for the TS info.
20th Sep 2018 Sal just joined our community, welcome!
2nd Sep 2018 [BLT]BattleAxeMax created a new topic Battlefield V
 Well ladies and germs, I pre-ordered Battlefield V.  I got to Alpha Test twice ...
30th Aug 2018 BrwnSuperman befriended TheLoneRecon


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